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April/May 2001


Comment Securing a mandate for radical change Progress argues the case for a bold manifesto to give Labour a genuine mandate for radical change in the second term

Interview Gordon Brown The Chancellor of the Exchequer talks about his plans for the second term, while Progress considers his record to date and analyses the recent Budget

Election countdown

Going for the double Robert Philpot asks if this Labour Government is better placed to win re-election than its predecessors

On the campaign trail… As Labour gears up for the coming campaign, Progress has been out and about with four of our candidates

More right, more wrong Hague in Downing Street, Portillo at the Treasury, Widdecombe in the Home Office? Progress examines the nightmare world of a Tory election victory

Obstacles to victory Labour’s re-election depends on the party offering a radical vision of a second term, argues John Edmonds

Liberal with the truth How the Lib Dems promise the earth – but don’t have a clue how they will pay for it

The battle for Scotland Wendy Alexander MSP outlines how Scottish Labour is planning to fight the coming campaign

It’s our election too Welsh First Minister Rhodri Morgan AM says his country needs a Labour victory

Party in power

Myth and reality Labour’s Euro MPs are doing their bit to transform Britain, says Claude Moraes MEP

Ensuring access for all Making suer everyone can enjoy the arts is the key principle of Labour’s cultural policies, believes Chris Smith MP

Partners against crime Charles Clarke MP describes how Labour is fighting crime

Setting a higher standard School standards are on the rise, thanks to Labour’s policies, says Estelle Morris MP

Strengthening workers’ rights Labour’s record on workplace rights is one to be proud of, argues Stephen Byers MP

Getting back on track Lord MacDonald on how Labour is tackling the Tories’ terrible transport legacy

A cure for the NHS Thanks to record investment, the NHS is on the mend, says Alan Milburn MP

Coalitions for change Scottish First Minister Henry McLeish MSP shows how devolution is aiding the fight for social justice

Second term

Down to business The Director General of the CBI, Digby Jones, outlines what business wants from the next Government

Old problems, new solutions Labour needs to put urban renewal high on its second term agenda, argues Louise Ellman MP

Out of sight, not out of mind Rural poverty may be hidden, but it’s very real, says Candy Atherton MP

Achieving more together TUC General Secretary John Monks gives Progress his assessment of Labour’s first term – and his hopes for its second

Ambitious for all ‘Education, education, education’ should remain Labour’s mantra, suggests Hilary Benn MP

University challenge Higher education needs more resources if it’s to meet Labour’s goals, says AUT General Secretary David Triesman

Policy forum Progress gives you all you need to hold a policy forum on employment rights

Building a learning society Tom Bewick sets out how Labour can create a culture of lifelong learning

Our environmental challenge The environment won’t feature in the General Election, but it should, believes Gordon Marsden MP

Focus on crime Progress discusses how Labour should fight crime in the second term with party members in Tottenham

Sanctioning suffering Stop the bombing and end the sanctions, says Tony Benn MP

Revitalising local democracy Two of Labour’s council leaders outline their hopes for the second term

Taking science seriously Science is essential in a knowledge-based economy, argues Ian Gibson MP

If I were… Pensions Minister Jack Jones sets out his programme as Labour’s second term Pensions Minister

International Our political neighbours Dennis Glover examines why the Australian Labor Party is heading back to power

Labour history Wilson’s winning ways Joe Haines asks what Tony Blair can learn from Harold Wilson’s election winning record

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Richard Angell

is director of Progress

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