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August/September 2002


Comment Think again Those unions which have cut funds to Labour should recognise the potential damage of their actions

Profile Stephen Twigg The new Minister for Young People and Learning talks to Progress


Don’t stop moving Labour needs to carry on adapting to global and social change, argues John Reid

Recipe for success Denis MacShane outlines his ten-point plan for the survival of progressive politics

Voicing our values Labour needs to highlight the principles underpinning its policies, believes Alon Or-bach

The bare minimum Sophie Livingstone examines the causes of the public sector strikes


Cover features

More than just thin air Trade unions are relevant in the 21st century, says David Coates

Heal thyself Unions need to adopt a new agenda, suggests Peter Mandelson

Young blood Richard Blakeley on how unions recruit young people

Keep talking Martin O’Donovan examines the link between Labour and the trade unions

The global link Mark Day examines the relationship between centre-left parties and trade unions

Hidden agenda State funding is a cover for breaking the union link, argues Tom Watson

Use the link Trade unions benefit from the link, says Maggie Jones

New partners in power Rozanne Foyer assesses the impact of devolution on the unions


He’s been right all along IDS a caring, inclusive moderate? Patrick Loughran thinks not

Courting success Johann Hari asks what’s happened to co-operation between Labour and the Lib Dems

Headless you lose Steve Reed reveals what happens when the Lib Dems and Tories work together

The wages of spin Matt Cain puts the case for state funding of parties…

Uneasy money …and examines the international experience

Honesty is the best policy Charles Grant outlines the campaign Labour should run in 2004’s European elections

Only connect MEPs need to lead the campaign to make the European parliament relevant, says Catherine Stihler

Parent power Jessica Asato says parents have a vital role in raising school standards

Change the system We need to rethink how schools are organised, argues Matthew Horne

If I were… Mandy Telford outlines her plans for higher education

Inside Labour A chance to serve? Liam Byrne says members should get involved in the bodies that govern our lives locally

International Second term lucky Gerhard Schroeder needs to convince Germans he is still capable of reform, say Frederic Michel and Matthew Browne

Like father like son Is ‘Dubya’ heading for the same fate as his father, asks Robert Philpot

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Richard Angell

is director of Progress

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