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Autumn 2000


The 21st Century challenge The first Progress conference brought together ministers and members

Labour Party Conference Progress has organised a packed agenda of events at this year’s Conference in Brighton

Interview Rhodri’s Assembly Line Progress talks to Welsh First Minister and Labour leader, Rhodri Morgan MP, about his first months in office. He outlines his vision for the future


Must Labour choose? Following on from our summer pamphlet about Labour’s heartlands, Robert Philpot looks at whether Labour really does need to appeal to ‘Middle England’ to win the next election

Your feedback The response from members to our heartlands pamphlet was overwhelming. We publish some of your comments.

False choices Ben Bradshaw MP argues that the debate over Labour’s heartlands is playing right into the hands of the Tories who, he claims, would like nothing better than for us to turn our backs on ‘Middle England’ seats like Exeter

A widening gap Ronnie Campbell, MP for Blyth Valley, warns that the divide between the North and South is widening. He urges the Government to do more for Labour’s heartland seats

Lessons from Tottenham Labour’s newest MP, David Lammy, on the view from the doorsteps of Tottenham

Election countdown

72 hours in Exeter The National Policy Forum met for three days in July to discuss party policy. Labour’s Partnership in Power Officer, Alicia Chater, explains how the new policy-making process works while a cross-section of Policy Forum members report back from the event

Retaining every seat Labour Party Assistant General Secretary David Evans lifts the lid on Labour’s strategy for the next election

A young party? Claire McCarthy, NEC Youth Officer, questions whether we are doing enough to secure the youth vote and involve young people in the party

Britain’s hangover Former Tory MP Shaun Woodward wakes up to the disaster of a William Hague premiership

Party in power

Labour’s war on global poverty International Development Secretary Clare Short MP outlines the investment we are making in overseas aid

Towards full employment Employment Minister Tessa Jowell MP explains why we are on the brink of achieving the historic Labour goal of full employment

Spend, spend, spend Following the announcement of the Government’s spending plans for the next three years, Chief Secretary to the Treasury Andrew Smith MP explains what the money will mean for Britain’s public services

Off the critical list In this new series, Progress goes on the frontline with public sector workers. This issue NHS staff discuss the effect the Government’ investment and reforms are having on their work

Fairness, not sycophancy Peter Hain MP sets the record straight on the Government’s achievements and insists he welcomes criticism – provided it’s fair

The questions you get asked In a new regular feature, Progress puts to Tony Blair some of the questions you get asked

Second term

Sharing the knowledge In the new economy, knowledge is the key to success. That’s why it must be shared more widely, says TUC General Secretary John Monks

Focus on tax Progress goes to Essex to discuss our future policies on tax and public spending

Election, not patronage Fiona Mactaggart MP argues that the majority of members of any reformed second chamber must be elected

If I were… Environment Minister Greenpeace’s Stephen Tindale sets out his programme as Labour’s second term Environment Minister

International Is the Third Way France’s way? Laurrent Bouvet asks how much Lionel Jospin’s ‘modern socialism’ has in common with Tony Blair’s Third Way

History Unfinished business Progress celebrates the Labour Party’s past in the regular column. To begin with, Stuart Thomson discusses the relevance of Hugh Gaitskell’s leadership

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Richard Angell

is director of Progress

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