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December 2006


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Editorial White House blues? After the American mid-term elections, can the Democrats take the White House in 2008?

The mid-term factor Does the change on Capitol Hill offer hope for a new direction in US foreign policy, asks Stephen Twigg

Inertia creeps International guidance is needed to bring a diplomatic solution to Israel and Palestine, claims Toby Greene

Can Gordon go green? Is the chancellor willing to take on the battle against global warming, asks Stephen Hale

The new Sinosphere Can China be a force for good on the African continent, wonders David Mepham

Make couples count Couples need support to get back to work, says John Hutton


Westminster watch Back to beer and sandwiches Union power is waning – except in the contest for Labour’s leadership. Ben Leapman reports

Tanked up Make space for faith A new thinktank wants more room for religion in the public square, finds Mark Day


Cover story Yesterday’s man A year after becoming Tory leader, David Cameron shows little sign of overcoming the party’s past ideological divisions, say Anthony Giddens and Patrick Diamond

Fallen angel Cameron may have a pretty face but voters are not warming to his charms, say Deborah Mattinson and James Morris

Thumpin’ to victory Following their mid-term success, are the Democrats on course to win the White House in 2008? James Crabtree assesses their chances

In our hands Labour has got ‘the balls politically’ to see the climate change agenda through, David Miliband tells Mark Day and Jennifer Gerber

Love thy neighbours Labour’s equality agenda is entering a new phase, say Ruth Kelly and Meg Munn


Liberal litany David Coats on Lib Dem wishful thinking

Fall from disgrace Tom Brooks Pollock relishes the fall of Conrad Black

Sinking ship William Higham enjoys Bob Woodward’s account of a capsizing White House

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