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December 2007


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Editorial Private dilemmas A commitment to pragmatic politics must not be allowed to hinder Labour’s reform programme

Strategic thinking The Middle East needs an EU-led strategy to promote democratic governance, argues Brendan Simms

Mutual gloss Cameron’s support for co-operatives is a cynical political stunt, says Peter Hunt

Building bridges One of the main issues facing the new Liberal Democrat leader will be the party’s relationship with other parties, says Andrew Russell

Jury’s out Citizens’ juries should be seen as part of a wider strategy to renew democracy, say Guy Lodge and Rick Muir

What works? Private sector involvement in the NHS is far from dead in the water, says Peter Carter


Westminster watch Glory hunting It is natural for party leaders to take all of the glory and none of the blame, says Ben Leapman

Tanked up Seeing clearly Ed Thornton catches the vision in wonk world

Progress diary No quick fixes Mark Harrison lines up the latest Progress events


Cover story Right state The US public’s rejection of conservatism could enable the Democrats to build a lasting progressive coalition, says Robert Philpot

Fast forward We face a choice about the direction of public service reform. Let’s not slow down, says Philip Collins

Conditional sense Making state provision conditional upon the individual taking responsibility is both right and practicable, argues Ed Straw

Opportunity knocks The government must persuade the public of the overwhelming benefits of immigration, says Philippe Legrain

Uncomfortable bedfellows With this year marking the anniversary of major reforms on abortion and homosexual rights, Brian Brivati traces Labour’s uneasy relationship with social liberalism


Having a blast Robert Philpot is impressed by Robert Draper’s account of the Bush presidency

Mutual love? Dermot Kehoe finds Anthony Seldon shattering received wisdom about the Blair premiership

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Richard Angell

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