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December 2008


Editorial Election reflection Barack Obama’s road to the White House holds many lessons for Labour

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Intensely unrelaxed It is time for the left to take on the undeserving rich, believes Simon Fanshawe

Trotskyist turmoil The SWP is too drained by its entanglement with political Islam to capitalise on the economic crisis, says Luke Akehurst

Quiet revolution Four years since they were founded, foundation trusts are making a real difference, argues Robbie Erbmann

Accessing excellence Wendy Piatt looks at why more working-class young people are not applying to university – and what can be done

Treating unfairness Allowing patients to privately purchase drugs will not create a two-tier NHS as the Tories claim, says Jessica Asato

Third sector way Harnessing the power of the third sector is vital to combating climate change. Stephen Hale explains why


Progress news What’s going on this month

Tanked up Barack’s boffins Ed Thornton reports from wonk world

Westminster watch It started before the boat The latest from our Westminster insider


Cover story Change in deed Barack Obama faces tough challenges but there are reasons to be optimistic about his first term, says Will Straw

America’s changemakers Peter Kellner dissects the US election results and finds they bode well for Barack Obama in 2012

Back to the roots After much campaigning with the Democrats, David Lammy found much that Labour can learn from their radical approach

Centre forward Barack Obama’s ‘big tent politics’ offers the most valuable lesson for Labour, says Robert Philpot

Reality check An Obama presidency may not prove quite the dream that Europeans hope for, warns Denis MacShane


Surveying the left Giles Radice reviews David Marquand’s masterly survey of British democratic politics since 1918

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