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December 2009


Editorial A mutual moment Co-operative ownership models would help restore the public’s faith in public services – and the Labour party

Inbox What’s being said on the Progress website

Preferring excellence Labour must stand firm in its commitment to the third sector providing public services, says Peter Kyle

A third way The best strategy in Afghanistan is neither complete withdrawal nor more troops, argues Anna Owen

High stakes Iraq is in a fragile state as it approaches its second parliamentary elections next month, says Gary Kent

Reckless work Ed Williams explains why Tory plans to meddle with EU employment laws are unworkable and unethical

Shout louder It is time Labour made a positive case on Europe and showed how Cameron’s policies would hold the country back, says Glenis Willmott

Risky business Tough action must be taken against rogue bankers who have for too long evaded responsibility for their actions, argues Ed Straw

Tanked up The latest from wonk world

Progress news Some high-profile names added to Progress’s lecture series

The Insider Another dispatch from the Westminster village


Cover story Silencing Dissent The government must stop allowing England’s libel courts to be used by the rich and powerful to stifle free speech, argues Jonathan Heawood

Manifesto man Labour’s manifesto will highlight contrasts with the Tories – and won’t ignore the views of party members, Ed Miliband tells Jessica Asato and Mark Day

Pledges past As Labour draws up its election manifesto, Greg Rosen looks at what lessons can be drawn from past campaigns

Top of the class Turning a school into an academy does not guarantee success, argues Mari Williams – effective leadership and talented staff are essential

Growing the grassroots When Labour activists in Birmingham Edgbaston tried out some of the Obama campaign’s techniques, it produced remarkable results. Caroline Badley reports


Shelling out Vince Cable’s memoir is personally compelling but lacking in political insights, finds Rachel Reeves

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