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December 2010


Editorial The left’s annus horribilis Defeat for the Democrats brings yet more sobering lessons for progressives

Inbox What’s being said on the Progress website

It’s unemployment, stupid Will Straw and Marcus Roberts examine what Labour can learn from the Republicans’ winning tactics

The market town vote John Mann asks if the Tories have dealt a death blow to our traditional high street and if Labour can defend it

Home truths Reform of housing benefit should target landlord behaviour, not the tenants of substandard homes, argues Kitty Ussher

A whole new world Alex Bigham offers the new shadow foreign secretary, Yvette Cooper, some advice on navigating the world of foreign affairs

The bloc vote It is time for parties to stop creating ‘community gatekeepers’ and talk directly to Britain’s Muslims, writes George Readings

The Progressive More Mirror, less Guardian Ken Clarke makes Roy Jenkins look like Judge Jeffreys. The Progressive spots an opportunity for Labour

Progress News Simon Jeffrey on the latest Progress events

Tanked up Jessica Asato with the latest from the wonk world

The Insider Another dispatch from inside the Westminster village


Cover story Stuck in the middle Who are the ‘squeezed middle’? Stewart Lansley goes in search of the people behind the label

Task force one Heather Boushey reports from the US on how the Obama administration is concentrating minds on America’s ‘squeezed middle’

Age of anxiety The ‘squeezed middle’ debate goes to the heart of what Labour is about: ensuring the fruits of working people’s labours are shared more equitably, says Liam Byrne

Access all areas In the 1990s Keith Dibble was at the heart of taking Labour into ‘unwinnable’ seats – and capturing them. Now, with Progress, he relaunches Third Place First

Essay A new generational compact Care for the young and old will be the next great chapter in the story of the welfare state. Labour should seize the chance to write it, argue Gavin Kelly and Nick Pearce

The era of coalitions The general election was not a one-off. John Curtice on why hung parliaments may become increasingly common


Coalition government Peter Hain reads how David Laws steered the Liberal Democrats into the Tories’ waiting arms

Election 2010 Richard Briand sifts through the revelations around this year’s election

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