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December 2011


Editorial Houdini economics George Osborne is planning to use the eurozone crisis to escape his record. Can Labour stop him?

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Opinion The real NHS battle Halting the NHS reorganisation is simply not on the cards. Labour needs to turn its mind to boosting productivity, writes Neil Churchill

Opinion Rolling back the franchise Individual voter registration could signal a slow devastation of our democracy, argues Siobhain McDonagh

The Big Idea Labour’s business Labour should adopt eye-catching new ideas to support small business, say Luke Bozier and Alex Smith

Opinion Back to basics Working with what you have got is key to getting the Labour Supporters’ Network right, says Caroline Badley

Opinion Labour’s future in the world Labour has the chance to restate its case as the internationalist party, write Sam Hardy and James Denselow

The Progressive Hippies or Harlow? George Orwell would see right through the mishmash of unfocused causes that make up the St Paul’s protest and would warn Labour to stay well away

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Commentary Suburban dreams Philip Gould taught Labour to remember the suburban strugglers. It must now relearn this lesson alone, writes Robert Philpot

Opinion Big fix The energy industry has become too much of a cartel. It is time to break it up, argues Melanie Smallman

Opinion Giving victims a voice The coalition should appoint a new victims’ commissioner without delay, demands Jacqui Smith

The Insider Another dispatch from inside the Westminster village

Tanked up Adam Harrison with the latest from the wonk world

Dates for your diary Information on the Progress political weekend


Cover story Could it happen here? The populist right has made gains across Europe. Why not in Britain, asks Anthony Painter

Rewiring the rules Inequality is now an issue for ‘middle Britain’, Stewart Wood tells Robert Philpot and Adam Harrison

Purple pledges The Purple Book urges Labour to ‘rediscover its decentralist tradition’. But what might that mean? Progress profiles the book’s top five priorities

Rural discomfort Labour has an opportunity to become a party of the shires. But the gains will only accrue over the long term, says John Curtice

The Heineken strategy Just as Heineken ‘refreshed the parts other beers cannot reach’, clever campaigning in rural Leicestershire paid dividends, says Matthew O’Callaghan

Rural Labour reborn Labour has succeeded in the countryside in the past and could do so again with some hard work and imaginative manoeuvres, argues Steve Race

Not just an urban party We know what the challenges facing rural areas are; Labour can seize them and provide solutions, argues Jim Knight


Flying Free Simon Fanshawe delights as a new autobiography gives the English language a new collective noun: a Farage

The Conservatives: A History Gregg McClymont enjoys insider Robin Harris’ sympathetic but selective account

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