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December 2012


Editorial Lessons from America Both Labour and the Tories can learn from Barack Obama’s re-election

The Progressive Trident and tested The transformation in Labour’s attitude to defence is positive and profound

Opinion Cameron’s black Thursday Labour passed last month’s quirky ‘Super Thursday’ test, says Luke Akehurst

Opinion Beyond tribalism We must work in a more pluralist way to make ‘One Nation’ politics a reality, writes Paul Blomfield

Opinion Target practice The chancellor looks set to miss his self-imposed goals, argues Kitty Ussher

Opinion Strategy over tactics Labour’s flirtation with Euroscepticism could have dangerous consequences, warns Steve Race

Letter from … Social democracy renewed After a difficult decade, the Swedish social democrats are riding high in the polls, finds Nick Pearce

The Insider Another dispatch from inside the Westminster village

Commentary Anything can happen The government is doing its best to lose the next election, but is Labour doing enough to win it, asks Peter Watt

FordeThought Good by-elections Matt Forde dressed up in a chicken suit for one. A lighter look at why we should savour by-elections

Inbox What’s being said on the Progress website

Tanked up Adam Harrison with the latest from the wonk world


Cover story Fading away? The far-right has splintered but do not ignore the potential for a resurgence, warns Rob Ford

When the National Front met its match The anti-racist politics of the 1970s gained a wider audience than a conventional political campaign, recalls Peter Hain

‘How we beat the BNP’ Margaret Hodge tells Robert Philpot about the lessons of the ‘bloody difficult’ campaign to drive the BNP out of Barking

Uprooting the far-right: a step-by-step guide Mark Davis and Jane Heggie on the lessons of their fight against the British National party

Waiting in the wings Across Europe, far-right actors and their anti-politics cousins are regrouping, writes Michael McTernan

Yes, he did Barack Obama’s re-election provides six strategic and organisational lessons for Labour, argues Douglas Alexander

Out of the shadows Barack Obama’s victory confirms the emergence of a new Democratic majority, writes Anthony Painter

Primary colours Running a primary for Labour’s London mayoral candidate would be a powerful signal of change, suggests Tessa Jowell


Mullahs Without Mercy: Human rights and nuclear weapons Greg Falconer finds a roadmap to a nuclear-free world unconvincing

The Welfare State We’re In Kate Green is unimpressed by a book which appears more concerned with anecdote than evidence

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Adam Harrison

is a councillor in the London borough of Camden

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