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December 2015


Editorial Labour’s missing project Ed Miliband was right: the ‘rigged market’ is  olding back the very people Labour members came into politics to serve

The Insider Another dispatch from inside the Westminster village

Cartoon villain The real George Osborne has stood up, believes Alison McGovern

Opinion The Uber question ‘Sharing economy’ workers need safeguards too, argues Sanchia Alasia

Opinion Beyond the free bus pass Caroline Flint says Labour must be alive to older voters or it will be dead in the water

Opinion A very British coup The Tories could be in power for a generation, warns Karin Smyth

Letter from … William Bain wonders if Germany’s Social Democrats will recover from the identity crisis afflicting the left

Opinion Eyes on the prize The Democrats understand the power of the bully pulpit, observes Matthew Doyle

Opinion No joke The Republicans could well pick an anti-establishment candidate, reports Charlie Samuda

The Debate Should Labour back TTIP? Emma Reynolds and Cat Smith debate the pending transatlantic trade agreement

The Progressive The new Spanish Inquisition The meaninglessness of terms like ‘neoliberal’ reveals Labour’s deep intellectual fragility

Commentary Words are not enough Robert Philpot argues that, on Syria, Labour has been here before

State of emergency The Paris attacks could be a gift to the French far-right, warns Sally Gimson


Interview ‘I want us to be a governing party’ Richard Angell and Adam Harrison meet shadow first secretary of state Angela Eagle

Responsible capitalism special

Cover story The forgotten project Re-examining ‘predistribution’ could kick off Labour’s intellectual renewal, writes Tristram Hunt

New hard times We need to open up new routes to social justice, writes Claudia Chwalisz

Making it happen Ed Miliband was right to identify ‘responsible capitalism’ as a major challenge of the age, argues Ann Pettifor

Society’s problem-solvers The genius of capitalism is to create incentives to solve some of mankind’s most challenging problems, writes Ben Andradi

Good company Labour must join forces with reform-minded business, argues Liam Byrne

Intellectual vacuum The Labour party needs a new political economy, writes Patrick Diamond

The Corbyn universe Who’s who: James Bloodworth profiles the hard-left networks now reaching into the Labour party

Samson waiting Corbynism will not burn itself out, predicts James Bloodworth


Something Will Turn Up: Britain’s Economy, Past, Present and Future David Smith might not be wrong to trust in Wilkins Micawber’s maxim when it comes to the economy, writes Stephen Beer

The ‘R’ Word Kurt Barling argues Britain is still far from being a post-racial society, finds Martin Edobor

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Adam Harrison

is a councillor in the London borough of Camden

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