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December 2016


Editorial The un-Clinton campaign The Third Way taught progressives to have big, universal messages to all voters, not subsets

The Insider Another dispatch from inside the Westminster village

Opinion Pre-Beveridge Britain Luciana Berger demands a Labour government must put food banks out of business

Opinion Clause One principles Time to convince fellow members of Labour’s founding purpose, argues Richard Angell

BrexitWatch Strike a deal Peter Mandelson believes there are still trade options open for Britain

Opinion Long-haul thinking Only Heathrow expansion can provide for  Scottish business, argues Neil Bibby

Letter from … The Spanish Socialists need a clear strategy to deal with Podemos as either friend or foe, believes Manuel de la Rocha Vázquez

The Progressive Annus horribilis The lows of 2016 will continue if the centre‑left does not recognise that history can be shaped

Opinion The Mossbourne model It is the top 20 per cent of kids that made Hackney’s schools truly comprehensive – and successful, reminds Philip Glanville

Opinion Happy workers A plan is needed to ensure access to work that lets all workers thrive, finds Cameron Tait

Opinion Uber challenges It is time for Labour to lead the debate on the digitalised economy, argue Joe Jervis and Oliver MacArthur

Commentary The road back? Conor Pope believes 2017 might not be the recovery progressives were hoping for but it could show that a corner has been turned

Tanked Up Wonks wake up to Brexit Ben Dilks with the latest from the wonk world


Cover story What happened? The voters pollsters missed – traditionally Labour and Democrat – are now supporters of populist parties, leaders and causes, finds Peter Kellner

The bumper sticker president What does a Trump victory means for progressive politics in the US, asks Elaine C Kamarck

Not enough The rise of Brexit and Trump means Labour must deal with ‘very real concerns’, writes Stephen Bush

Interview ‘Never more relevant’ Rachel Reeves tells Richard Angell and Conor Pope the subject of her book, Alice Bacon, would have a clear message for today’s moderates

Terror of the Trotskyites Exclusive extracts from Rachel Reeves’ book on the first woman MP for Leeds reveal Alice Bacon as a fiercely loyal reformist

Verdict: Dreadful Alison McGovern has five things you need to know about the autumn statement and what it means for Brexit Britain


Black Flag Down: Counter Extremism, Defeating ISIS, and Winning the Battle of Ideas Liam Byrne is motivated by a desire to help his constituents, but ducks some big questions, writes Ed Husain

Britain’s Best Political Cartoons 2016 It was an unhappy political year for many, but a good one for satirists, finds Alex White

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