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December 2017


Editorial Neglect at the heart of Beveridge The one ‘missing giant’ from the founding text of the welfare state was how we deal with care in our society

The Insider Another dispatch from the Westminster village

Opinion Year in review Richard Angell looks at the ups and down of the last 12 months

BrexitWatch Wanton destruction Brexit’s impact on the NHS is already proving devastating

Opinion Leonard’s three big challenges Scottish Labour should be unambiguously pro-union and anti-hard Brexit, argues Blair McDougall

The Progressive Why is Labour not doing better? Labour is backtracking on the coalition that meant 2017’s result was an unexpected improvement on 2015, not convincing former Tory voters to switch sides next time

Debate Representative communities Is it time for English local government to be elected by single transferable vote? Gordon Matheson and Jo Harding discuss

Opinion A matter of deep shame Jennifer Gerber remembers when Labour was part of the solution to antisemitism

Opinion Enthusing members Help Jeremy Corbyn build a country for the many not the few, writes Katy Clark

Analysis Does the past predict the future? The Katy Clark ‘democracy review’ wears its faction on its sleeve, says Conor Pope

Commentary The priorities are all wrong On growth, Brexit and productivity the bad decisions of their first seven years are catching up on the Tories, writes Alison McGovern

Opinion Preparing for power What do Ramsay McDonald, Harold Wilson, Tony Blair and Jeremy Corbyn have in common, asks Reg Race


Essay Productivity is fine. Let’s count and tax it better Non-financial productivity gains need measuring through ‘gross domestic utility’, not gross domestic product, otherwise public services and social justice will suffer, argues Peter Kellner

Cover story Seventy-five years young? The left would do well to reclaim the language of Beveridge as a way of re-shaping the welfare state debate, or risk losing it to the Conservatives, believes Nicholas Timmins

Health inequality costs Social class persists as a key determinant for life expectancy and good health, writes Karin Smyth

Post-16 needs to be the focus Beveridge would be heartened by the educational progress but ashamed of the skills inequality, says Kathleen Henehan

A tide turning back Council housing is in retreat and the private rented sector out of control, explains Karen Buck

No less revolutionary The food bank has replaced the soup kitchen and looks permanent as Tory cuts persist, laments Luciana Berger

A new Marshall plan for the working class Where the right offers grievance, the centre-left needs to offer an answer – and honesty, writes Pat McFadden

A fundamental rethink needed New funding, reformed commissioning and a proper industrial policy are the basic requirements of a resilient social care system, argues Matt Dykes


My Life, Our Times Spencer Livermore finds that Gordon Brown’s memoir reminds us what the country has lost

Rescue: Refugees and the Political Crisis of Our Time David Miliband presents a compelling explanation of the issue that dominates his work, writes Richard Angell

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Richard Angell

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