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February 2007


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Editorial Time to talk Labour needs to debate its future direction

Splitting at the seams Only root and branch reform of Whitehall will solve the Home Offices’ woes, argues Guy Lodge

No margin for error A fourth Labour term rests on early candidate selection, suggests Luke Akehurst

All to play for Labour can still win May’s Scottish elections, says Eric Joyce

A tale of two treaties Labour needs to discover a new enthusiasm for Europe, argues Denis MacShane

Caretaker or kingmaker? One year on, is Ming Campbell up to the task of leading the Lib Dems, ask Time Horton and Joe Caluori


Cover story Brown’s mission The chancellor outlines his vision of a new politics to Jennifer Gerber and Mark Day

First 100 Days Our historic goal Building a fairer society should be a key priority for a renewed Labour government, says Ed Balls

Lords a’leaping Some quick and symbolic measures could go a long way to reviving Britain’s ailing democracy, argues Meg Russell

Heal thyself Labour needs to involve NHS staff in its reforms, says Andy Burnham

Safety first Tackling crime and security is key to Labour maintaining its support in the ‘super-marginals’, argues Liam Byrne

Surprise us A new Labour leader will need to set a dramatically different green course, suggests Stephen Hale

Live and learn Creating a culture of lifelong learning must be central to Labour’s progressive vision for the future, says Beverley Hughes

World of opportunity Foreign policy presents some daunting challenges but also opportunities for a new Labour leader, says Stephen Twigg


The fear factor Alex Bigham disects the Iranian threat

Too hot to handle Emma Burnell on cutting carbon emissions

Figure of substance Greg Rosen enjoys a collection of Gordon Brown’s speeches

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Richard Angell

is director of Progress

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