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February 2008


Editorial The only choice ‘Safety first’ won’t win us a fourth term, we need a radical New Labour agenda for the future

A matter of trust Andy Burnham on the next phase of public service reform

Absent friends Britain would benefit from more constructive engagement with Europe, argues Charles Grant

Putting off change Political funding primarily needs clearer regulation, says Michael Pinto-Duschinsky

Troubled times Jose Miguel Vivanco and Maria McFarland Sánchez-Moreno on why it’s time for a change of policy towards Colombia

Alternative systems Mary Southcott looks at the government’s review of electoral systems


Westminster watch Home truths Jacqui Smith is adroitly guiding a still-influential Home Office, finds Ben Leapman

Tanked up Farming today, gone tomorrow Ed Thornton’s latest dispatch from planet wonk


Cover story Stepping stone Could this year’s London elections help the BNP enter the mainstream, asks Nick Lowles

Facing forwards Labour can win another term if it focuses on the future, says Charles Clarke

Employing new ideas David Pinto-Duschinsky examines the first of our Progressive Challenge themes, welfare reform

Lessons from America The government could learn from progressive American approaches to welfare, argue Lee Bowes and Peter Cove

Spanish practices The Spanish Socialists are seeking a second term next month. Olaf Cramme assesses their chances


Ghostly similarity Gareth Butler is not wholly convinced by Robert Harris’ fictional account of British politics circa 2007

Charm wars Will Higham draws some lessons for Britain from a new book on Bill Clinton

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Richard Angell

is director of Progress

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