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February 2009


Editorial Home truths The global economic downturn must not distract Labour from addressing voters’ concerns at home

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Peace postponed Nick Palmer assesses what impact Israel’s election will have on the peace process

Losing control Nick Anstead argues that Labour needs to fundamentally rethink its web strategy

False charge The government’s counter-terror measures have strengthened, not weakened, civil liberties, says Charles Clarke

Helping hand Social mobility is about giving people opportunities to work, not state handouts, says Hazel Blears

On our mind? James Connal urges the west to help Georgia pursue reform and remain independent from Russia

The ex-files With George Bush now unemployed, Anthony Painter looks at what former presidents have done after vacating the White House


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Cover story Recession gains Which party is addressing voters’ economic fears, asks Bobby Duffy

Burning ambition Liam Byrne talks to Jessica Asato and Mark Day about how Labour can break Britain’s social mobility deadlock

Beyond Basel Now is the time for governments to create a truly international system of banking regulations, says James Plaskitt

Single minded The economic crisis has put the question of Britain’s euro membership back on the agenda. Simon Buckby investigates

Tough talk The left should be as vocal in denouncing antisemitism as it is in criticizing Israel, says Denis MacShane


Attlee’s race Greg Rosen reviews Giles Radice’s sympathetic and readable portrait of the postwar Labour government

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