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February 2010


Editorial Positive insurgency Over the next three months, Labour must take hold of the future with bold policies and honest messages

Inbox What’s being said on the Progress website

Learning audacity Alex Smith outlines what Labour’s election campaign can learn from Obama’s strategist David Plouffe

Out of the box The equality and diversity debate needs a new language that treats people as individuals, not groups, argues Simon Fanshawe

Getting personal Ruth Smeeth urges Labour campaigners not to be disheartened by Tory money – this election will be fought on the doorstep

Ends before means Public service provision should focus on outcomes, not inputs, argue Alastair Dick and Geoffrey Filkin

Reaching out Labour needs to do more to engage with Britain’s large and vibrant Chinese community, says Sonny Leong

Budget fight Lance Price on why a cash-strapped party need not rely on expensive advertising campaigns at the next election


Tanked up Ed Thornton brings the latest from planet wonk

Progress news Mark Harrison reports on Progress’s new year programme

The Insider Another dispatch from the Westminster village


Cover story England, England If Labour wants to reconnect with working-class voters in England, it must start articulating a progressive form of English patriotism, argue Michael Kenny and Guy Lodge

Back to work Graeme Cooke outlines a practical but radical approach Labour should take to tackling unemployment

Home truths Labour is still on ‘winnable territory’ against a Tory party reverting to type, Alan Johnson tells Jessica Asato and Ed Thornton

Dispersing power Only Labour can take the lead in reforming the constitution and rebuilding democracy, says Kenneth O Morgan

Mutual moment In thinking about the future of public services, Labour has a rich tradition of mutualism to draw on, says Tessa Jowell


The leopard still has its spots A new book on the Tories shows the party has changed in style but not substance, finds Paul Richards

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