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February 2011


Editorial A marriage of principle and politics The Tories stand to lose most if the Alternative Vote is adopted in May. A good reason for Labour to back the ‘Yes’ campaign

Progress news All the latest about Progress and our members

Opinion The heir to Blair? Andrew Lansley’s NHS reforms are in no way New Labour, says Kevin McKeever

Tanked up Jessica Asato with the latest from the wonk world

Dates for your diary Forthcoming Progress events and campaigning for Labour in key seats

The Big Idea This land is our land A land value tax could widen asset ownership without hitting middle-income aspirations, argues David Green

Opinion Paris calling The selection of a presidential candidate in open primaries poses a dilemma for French socialists, says Simon Latham

Opinion Quiet revolution Four years after being ejected from office, Scottish Labour looks set to return to power in May. How did it do it? John McTernan explains

The Progressive Labour’s double dip The party lost in 2010 because of wilful blindness over the economy. If things carry on as they are, a second defeat is on the way in 2015

Inbox What’s being said on the Progress website

Opinion Take control The public’s security must come ahead of the coalition’s internal politics, writes Pat McFadden

Opinion Towards a ‘good society’ The ‘big society’ is a challenge that Labour should make its own, argues Tessa Jowell

Commentary Competence not complacency – Labour had a good win in Oldham, but it needs to avoid drawing the wrong lessons, says Robert Philpot

The Insider Another dispatch from inside the Westminster village


Cover story Death by coalition? Kenneth O Morgan examines how the Liberal Democrats’ predecessors fared on the previous occasions they shared power with the Tories

Who are the Liberal Democrats? Paul Whiteley delves inside the party to identify the four types of Liberal Democrat coexisting within it

Unintended consequences? Lewis Baston answers the question: how much should Labour worry about a collapse in Liberal Democrat support?

Murphy’s law What happened to the Tories in Scotland could yet happen to Labour in England, Jim Murphy warns Kathryn Perera

Essay Selling England by the pound Labour has come close to being destroyed as a national force in England, believe Jon Cruddas and Jonathan Rutherford

Alternative votes This year’s referendum will give voters the chance to abandon first past the post. We examine the variety of voting systems already used in Britain and across the world

Replaying the results How would each of the elections since 1997 have turned out had they been run under an alternative voting system?

No to AV Peter Kellner examines why the BNP may be so against AV

Where next for New Labour? Winners of bursary awards to the Progress political weekend offer their thoughts on where the party goes next


Welfare Policy Under New Labour John Woodcock sees something of The Thick of It in Labour’s attempts at welfare reform

Ages of Reform Sunder Katwala reviews Kenneth O Morgan’s collection of essays on the travails of the British left

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Richard Angell

is director of Progress

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