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February 2012


Editorial Town hall knows best Labour should back directly elected mayors this May and press the government to devolve more powers to them

Progress News Introducing the four new contributing editors we have signed up for 2012

Opinion Fair shares Tackling executive pay by empowering shareholders is good for business and crucial to building a new economy, argues Chris Leslie

Opinion Evidence, not dogma Tory education ministers claim to be decentralising power. They are doing the opposite, writes Stephen Twigg

The Big Idea Help to care Labour should back tax relief for ‘granny annexes’, suggests Parmjit Dhanda

Opinion Wanted: candidates Labour should think again about how it selects candidates for the police commissioner elections, says Rhys Williams

Opinion Diagnosis: crime We can learn from innovations in health to tackle the causes of crime, writes Kieran Brett

The Progressive Labour’s Holy Grail If we do discover ‘the new centre-ground’ it will likely be no bountiful El Dorado but an inhospitable terrain hostile to old-style leftwing politics

Inbox What’s being said on the Progress website

Commentary Now for public services, Ed Regaining credibility on the economy is key, but just as crucial is how we reform public services, argues Robert Philpot

Opinion England shirt Labour Labour should embrace the positive English patriotism that exists in the country, writes Mark Rusling

The Insider Another dispatch from inside the Westminster village

Tanked up Adam Harrison with the latest  from the wonk world

Dates for your diary Information about Progress’ next events series The new centre-ground: how can progressives win a new majority?


Cover story Responsibility wars Battle is raging for control of the ‘responsibility agenda’ but the parties may be stymied by policy difficulties and their own recent histories, argues Steve Van Riel

Keep centre Labour needs to find a new way back to a new centre-ground, argues Liam Byrne

Into a new era The political landscape is increasingly fragmented and complex. Simplicity should be the hallmark of Labour’s response, argues Graeme Cooke

Outside edge A straight-talking Peter Hain accuses the political class of cowardice on party funding and suggests Tony Blair could have won in 2010. By Adam Harrison and Richard Angell

The year of the fightback? Elections in France, the US and London will test the left in 2012. How optimistic should we be, asks Anthony Painter

Blazing a trail Referendums this May provide the opportunity to transform England’s biggest cities. Anna Turley on the debate over elected mayors

Mayor’s-eye view Elected mayors can make a big difference, ensuring local government reaches its full potential for the community, writes Robin Wales


Outside In Philip Collins highlights conundrums between direct action and democracy in Peter Hain’s autobiography

Think Tank: The Story of the Adam Smith Institute Nick Pearce reads an engrossing tale of how rank amateurs created a powerful and highly original thinktank

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