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February 2013


Editorial In the danger zone Labour continues to lag over trust on the economy. Serious assurances on spending can combat this

The Progressive History repeating itself On the surface things look good for Labour but the party has done too little to prepare for a 2015 victory

Opinion The war of welfare words Pernicious distortions about welfare conceal its true role, argues Karen Buck

Opinion Remember Kidderminster Labour will have to make the case for some unpopular decisions, says Meg Hillier

Opinion Referendum folly Ben Bradshaw believes David Cameron is gambling with the national interest

Opinion Prescribing change Neil Churchill finds Labour’s health policy review realistic and in parts inspiring

Letter from … Sydney A cheap political pantomime Paul Howes reports on the unappetising prelude to Australia’s general election campaign

The Insider Another dispatch from inside the Westminster village

Commentary Cutting through Public spending decisions will be painful for Labour but could also improve the party’s credibility, says Steve Van Riel

FordeThought Primetime politics Matt Forde imagines PMQs as Jeremy Kyle

Inbox What’s being said on the Progress website

Tanked up Adam Harrison with the latest from the wonk world

Dates for your diary News of new regional and Westminster events on The Purple Papers


Interview Militant moderate The trade unions should have less power in the Labour party, a combative Alan Johnson tells Robert Philpot and Richard Angell

Cover story Majority blues The Tories’ ‘40:40’ strategy indicates a Conservative majority in 2015 is difficult but possible, writes Hopi Sen

Campaign in prose Research on how the Conservatives can win a majority is as revealing about Labour as it is the Tories, writes Tim Bale

From the frontline Stephen Bush takes the temperature in three battleground seats Labour and the Tories are targeting

Beyond the comfort zone This year’s local elections take place in tough territory for Labour but advances are possible, writes Lewis Baston

Operation Red Rose Jennifer Mein on the plan to bring Lancashire back to Labour

Respect due Labour councillors can shape the future of their areas and of their party, writes Jim McMahon


The Future: Six Drivers of Global Change Heather Boushey goes on a dizzying ride into the future

British Electoral Facts 1832-2012 David Green enjoys a detailed slicing and dicing of general elections past


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Adam Harrison

is a councillor in the London borough of Camden

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