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January/February 2002


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Cover features

The euro’s sterling start The successful euro launch proves the Eurosceptics wrong again, says Peter Hain

Taking a pounding The arrival of the euro will change the debate in Britain, believes Tom Arbuthnott

Don’t rush it Don’t risk a euro referendum yet, Robert Worcester urges Tony Blair


The thoughts of Chairman David The new Chair of Progress talks to Robert Philpot and Hannah Pawlby

Changing Scotland for good Jack McConnell says devolution has delivered, but Scottish Labour has more to do

From accident to action Chris Warhurst on the run-up to the 2003 Scottish election

Wales moves on Rhodri Morgan describes the latest developments at the Welsh Assembly

Taking the gun out of politics The peace process is back on track, but the Tories are abandoning bipartisanship, says John Reid

We’ve only just begun The new Leader of the SDLP, Mark Durkan, outlines the challenges ahead for Northern Ireland

Progress Supplement

A scar on the nation’s soul The government has pledged to eradicate child poverty. It’s going to need a comprehensive strategy to do it

Progress talks to Alistair Darling The Secretary of State for Work and Pensions talks about his department’s role in fighting child poverty

Poverty and politics Fighting child poverty makes moral, and political, sense, argues Tom Watson

A healthy start Yvette Cooper outlines the role of the Department of Health in fighting child poverty

Seen and heard We must attack child poverty at home and abroad, argues Clare Short

A lesson in action Education is one of the key weapons in the fight against child poverty, says Estelle Morris

Home and away Angela Penrose and Graeme Brown describe the role of non-governmental organisations in achieving Labour’s child poverty goals

Campaign toolkit The facts on child poverty and ideas for your own part in the campaign

Inside Labour

One way, the Third Way The Third Way is triumphant on the European left, argues Anthony Giddens

Third Way out Ann Black is unimpressed by the Third Way

Campaigning to win Charles Clarke on his new campaign team

New Labour lives on I still believe in New Labour, says Peter Mandelson

Colour blind Labour needs to sign up black and ethnic minority members, says Jules Mason

Onward march of the Toryban The Tories’ ‘Broadmoor wing’ is running the party. Johann Hari reports

Policy forum

Turning out the vote Why shouldn’t voting be compulsory, asks Gareth Thomas

Home thoughts David Wright on housing-led regeneration

Tax talk Is an earmarked health tax the way to save the NHS, asks Michael Jacobs

If I were… Sir Ken Jackson outlines how he would tackle the manufacturing crisis

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Richard Angell

is director of Progress

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