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January/February 2004


Tanked up Friends in need

Ask the Minister Children first Children’s minister Margaret Hodge answers Progress’ questions

Stakes and ladders Jennifer Gerber talks to Progress’ new honorary president, Alan Milburn

Wesmintster watch Gown and doubt We don’t know enough about about top-up fees, let alone whether they will reform access, says Ben Leapman


The big question Ian McCartney explains the Big Conversation

Beware of the rabbit The Big Conversation has a lot to prove, says Tony Robinson

Bjorn again? Matt Browne on how progressive governments have attempted renewal

Degree of equality David Chaytor says top-up fees are fair and redistributive

Listen to London If we listen, they’ll vote, says Seema Malhotra

Peril next door Gareth Thomas on the fight against AIDs

Beat the backlash Its time to make the case for immigration, argues Barbara Roche

Unsafe hands The EU constitution is big news. Put it to the voters, says Frank Field


Comment Listen up The Big Conversation deserves to succeed

On the side Biting ideals

Cover story

Reality check George Bush ran as a centrist. He isn’t, says Robert Philpot

The runners Dominic Maxwell looks at the form of the Democratic race

The son also falls Al From and Bruce Reed set out a winning game plan

Don’t aid a Nader American progressives must unite to beat Bush, argues Will Higham

Cheer leaders Sam Dowling reports from the crucial Iowa race

Don’t get angry, get even Will Higham reports from a Democrats Abroad meeting

Features – Progressive Deficit

The vision thing Douglas Alexander outlines his notion of democracy to Will Higham

Constitution A written constitution would be the bedrock of a new democratic settlement, argue Alexandra Runswick and Nicholas Dusic

The monarchy Reform of our public services must reach to the top, says Paul Richards

Voting reform First Past the Post condemns most votes to irrelevance, argues Nina Temple

Lords reform Chris Bryant sees more to be done on Lords reform

New localism Ian Parker wants to build democracy from the ground up

Compulsory voting Voting should be a responsibility as well as a right, argues Huw Irranca-Davies

Regional assemblies Regional government must be democratic to be effective, says John Tomaney

Freedom of information Ministers must accept the spirit of openness as well as the law, says Maurice Frankel

Future proof Peter Hain says the Queen’s speech sets out a truly Labour programme

Business as usual Michael Howard is a serious opportunity for Labour, believes Ben Leapman


Peak Practice Beyond excellence Bob Symonds is working to put citizens first in Sunderland

Inside Labour Tomorrow’s polled Karim Palant outlines what Labour must do to turn young people into voters. Lucy Doig and Alon Or-bach show how it can be done

Pilgrim It’s good to talk Give the Big Conversation a fair hearing, says Pilgrim

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Richard Angell

is director of Progress

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