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January/February 2005


On the radar In God they trust Progress scans the post-election landscape for targets to set its sights on

Progress annual conference 2004

Tanked up Unfinished anoraks

Westminster watch Guilty by association It never looks good to be encouraging law breaking

Interview In safe hands Mark Day and Jennifer Gerber talk to Alan Milburn


Interview Opportunity Britain Gordon Brown outlines his vision of a progressive consensus to Robert Philpot and Will Higham

Debating the deficit Beverley Hughes looks back at Progress’ progressive deficit dialogue

Closing the gap: your answers Sam Hardy assesses the results of Progress’ progressive deficit survey

Howard y’think I’m doing? Twelve months in and Michael Howard has failed to make his mark, says Matthew Burchell

Saftey first Security equals opportunity, says Peter Hain

Winning ideas

Inequality Sarah Jones on affordable homes, Philip Collins on child benefits and Mary MacLeod on parenting

Democratic deficit Dan Corry and Gerry Stoker on local government, Chris Bryant on Lords reform and Alexandra Runswick on a written constitution

Public services Oliver Pauley on national public service, Sally Keeble on children’s centres and Dari Taylor on drug treatment

Economy Kitty Ussher on productivity, Robert Philpot on income tax and Will Paxton and Dominic Maxwell on a savings culture

Europe Amy Barry on CAP reform, Keith Best on asylum policy and Ceri Williams on a Euro referendum

US election special

Same difference Robert Philpot argues the result was far from a Republican home run

Values added Morality wasn’t the only factor in the recent US election, says Robert Philpot

The muck stops here Will Higham rakes over the Republicans’ dirty tricks campaign

Extreme sorts Republicans further to the right than George Bush? Surely not? Will Higham finds out

Coalition of the winning George Bush shifted the centre ground, not his party. Labour must do the same, says Douglas Alexander

Turning point Sunder Katwala puts forward a possible British response to George Bush’s re-election


Progress comment Iraq: the way ahead

International Detention deficit Are the Tories following the hardline route of John Howard’s Australian government?

Pilgrim It’s the tum wot won it What can we do about America’s swing-voting salad-dodgers voting Republican?

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Richard Angell

is director of Progress

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