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January/February 2006


Editorial Eyes right Labour needs to watch David Cameron’s Tories very closely

On the radar The nuclear option Progress scans the political landscape

Finding Neo Gisela Stuart argues for a robust foreign policy

Maximum capacity John Hutton makes the case for incapacity benefit reform

Labour’s learning curve Patrick Diamond puts Labour’s education white paper to the test

A PR disaster Progress’ editorial on electoral reform doesn’t impress Kevan Jones, Fraser Kemp, John Spellar and Tom Watson

Pilgrim A Major mistake Comparisons between Labour and John Major’s Tories are a load of pants


Westminster watch A new fawn

Tanked up Candid Cameron

International Shaking the olive tree

Any Questions Tony Robinson


Cover story Back to the future David Cameron must learn from history if he hopes to lead a Tory revival, argues Tristram Hunt

Cover story Unfinished business David Cameron is taking a leaf out of New Labour’s playbook. Robert Philpot on his progress so far

Home front Liberals and Labour’s ‘no-hopers’ need to face up to reality, Charles Clarke tells Mark Day and Jennifer Gerber

Keep it simple Labour can learn from the politics of the flat-tax debate, say Dominic Maxwell and Sonia Sodha

Flat earth theories Andrew Gamble delves into the murky past of the Tories’ latest tax-wheeze

Wanna be in my gang? Giles Radice asks whether the SDP succeeded in ‘breaking the mould’ of British politics

Off target Compass is learning the wrong lessons from Sweden, argues Matt Browne

Pipe dreams Victor Bulmer-Thomas questions if the west can end its reliance on Middle East energy


Polling the hunches Tim Allan looks back at the election ‘landslip’ of 2005

An honest laugh Simon Alcock reviews The Truth With Jokes

Talking history Matt Beech relives Labour history

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