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July 2007


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Editorial On our watch The left must not forsake Darfur

A healthy choice The smoking ban is good news for public health, but there’s more government can do, says Karen Jochelson

Diversity or solidarity? The latest report on integration and cohesion risks missing the point, argues Nick Johnson

The unfinished devolution Constitutional change will form a key part of rebuilding trust in our democracy, says Joyce Quinn

Privileged access Only state funding will ensure private schools fulfil their charitable status, argues Sir Peter Lampl

All spun out Alastair Campbell’s diaries will provide a natural sorting-house for reflections on the Blair years, writes William Higham


Westminster watch Within these walls The Freedom of Information Act is causing some sleepless nights at Wesminster, says Ben Leapman

Tanked up Lack of direction Ed Thornton reports from wonk world

Progress diary Fit for victory? Tom Brooks Pollock lines up Progress’ events for July


Cover story Face the facts An open and honest debate about migration is the only way forward, argues Claude Moraes

Desperate Dave Is Cameron brave enough to mastermind his own Clause IV moment, asks Chris Leslie

Towards a just world Gordon Brown must make bold moves early on to tackle global poverty, argues Phil Bloomer

Leading the way Neil Kinnock talks to Jennifer Gerber and Jessica Asato about the challenges ahead for Labour

Mortgaging our future Housing policy will bring both risks and rewards for Gordon Brown, argues Jim Bennett


No modest man Greg Rosen reflects on Francis Beckett’s reissued biography of Clem Attlee

Manifesto for change Guy Lodge suggests that Michael Barber’s new book on public service reform provides a blueprint for the new administration

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Richard Angell

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