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July 2008


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Editorial Never say die New Labour’s case remains as strong as ever

Adjustment time The government must connect global economic issues with everyday voter concerns, argues Roger Liddle

Care crunch Tackling social care presents progressives with an opportunity to carve out new territory, says Sophie Moullin

Wake-up call Pro-Europeans must not be deterred by Ireland’s rejection of the Lisbon treaty, urges Denis MacShane

Into the vortex We can still immigration fears by ensuring access to public services for all, says Sukhvinder Kaur Stubbs

Up a gear Alan Milburn previews the first report from Progress’ Public Service Reform Group


In the ring Robert Philpot sees Andy Burnham land a few punches on David Davis and fend off New Labour’s critics

Cover story On you go, Mr Brown Anthony Giddens surveys Brown’s first year and offers advice on how to win the next election

Supergord? Brian Brivati exams the historical – and fictional – parallels for Gordon Brown’s premiership

Size isn’t everything The old ‘big state’ versus ‘small state’ debate is the old politics. We need to move beyond it argues John Hutton

Tactical voting Will Straw outlines the campaigning techniques that US Democrats are using to engage voters


Question of priority Mark Rusling is impressed by Patrick Diamond’s reassessment of the special relationship

London’s loss Peter Kellner reviews the first account of the mayoral race

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Richard Angell

is director of Progress

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