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July 2009


Editorial Time to act New Labour has lots of ideas, it just needs the will to push them through

Inbox What’s being said on the Progress website

Total recall Now is the time for Labour to embrace direct democracy and introduce a recall system for MPs, says Paul Richards

Plugging in A fairer voting system would reconnect politics to the public and limit the far right’s appeal, argues Oona King

Extreme defence The government should be making the case for immigration, not adopting the inflammatory language of extremists, says Tim Finch

Social matters Alan Johnson finds Richard Reeves and Philip Collins’s liberal republicanism an inadequate foundation on which to renew social democracy

Taxing alternative Wes Streeting outlines the NUS’s radical proposals on university funding

Noise control Labour’s poor showing at the European elections was the result the party’s failure make the case for Europe, says Caroline Flint


Progress news Mark Harrison reports on the latest Progress events

Tanked up What’s being going on in planet wonk

The Insider Another dispatch from the Westminster village


Cover story Rock bottom Emma Reynolds examines why the centre-left parties took a kicking at the European elections

Real reform now As part of Progress’ campaign for a citizens’ convention, we asked seven experts their ideas for changing Britain’s politics for good

Standing by New Labour must remain united, David Miliband tells Jessica Asato and Mark Day

Green shoots? Whether or not the protests in Iran lead to a change of government, a dramatic change in outlook is far from certain, says Ranj Alaaldin

Pragmatic power President Obama’s foreign policy must reassure the US public of its safety while keeping his Democratic base on side. No easy task, says Will Marshall

Scaling the summit This year’s UN climate change conference is a chance to take urgent action, say Andrew Pakes and Rachel Reeves – but securing a deal will be tough

Progressives unite? A coalition between Labour and the LibDems would be good for progressive politics, says Sunder Katwala – but it won’t happen anytime soon


Clement’s friends Giles Radice is enthralled by Frank Field’s collection of Attlee’s writing

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