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July 2012


Editorial Time to care Labour can show itself ready to govern by taking tough decisions on paying for the country’s care needs

Opinion South of the border New powers for Scotland could spark demands for greater freedoms for northern England, warns Lewis Goodall

Opinion Making your mind up Labour is yet to spell out what it would do with the NHS, writes Ruth Thorlby

Opinion ‘One-nation Labour’ Labour is now the only party capable of winning across the whole of the country, says Harriet Harman

The Big Idea An education in aid Put international development into the heart of every classroom, writes Alex Ross-Shaw

The Progressive Borgen without the subtitles The Leveson Inquiry has been compelling television but may reveal little new about the morality of the press

Inbox What’s being said on the Progress website

Commentary Moving on The reaction to recent attacks on Progress shows Labour has no desire to return to the 1980s, suggests Paul Richards

Opinion Stronger together A bold future beckons for the Cooperative party in alliance with Labour, argues Greg Rosen

The Insider Another dispatch from inside the Westminster village

Tanked up Adam Harrison with the latest from the wonk world

Progress News Reports from our Third Place First conference


Caledonian way The economy is key to both defending the union and defeating the coalition, Alistair Darling tells Robert Philpot and Adam Harrison

Not dead yet Reports of the death of the Tory party are exaggerated, writes Steve Van Riel

Cover story Families first Childcare should be at the heart of our future offer to the British people, argues Stephen Twigg

It’s the way you teach them The government should raise the quality and status of the early years workforce, writes Mark Bennett

The care crisis Labour must be bold in confronting the challenge of social care, suggests Rick Muir

Paying for our future Emphasising the insurance principle is key to winning public support for tough choices on social care, says Peter Kellner

Death at the centre Labour should heed lessons from the interwar period on attempting reform in hard times, writes Hopi Sen


Going South: Why Britain Will Have a Third World Economy by 2014 Despite its relative decline, Tony Dolphin finds the notion of Britain as a third world economy an unnecessary gimmick

In the Corridors of Power
David Lipsey’s memoir embodies an old split in the Labour party that has endured for decades, says Roger Liddle

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