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July 2015


Editorial Go to the dark places The new Labour leader must hear the message of the voters or risk hardening the attitude of Tory switchers

Opinion The Insider Another dispatch from inside the Westminster village

Opinion Labour’s pensioner problem Age now trumps class at the ballot box, reports Adam Ludlow

Opinion Return to sender Field operations still matter in tight fights, writes Caroline Badley

Opinion French lessons There is much Britain can learn from France’s foreign policy, says James Bloodworth

Opinion Hope for Turkey The recent general election gives cause for hope – but Erdogan must still go, argues Rob Marchant

Letter from … This autumn’s Canadian federal election remains too close to call, reports Andrew Cardozo

Opinion Unstable world Britain must be ready to adapt and respond to new dangers on the horizon, warns John Woodcock

The Progressive The end of the experiment Labour must learn again how to win over those who voted Tory

The debate The 50p question Maya Goodfellow and Victoria Groulef go head to head on whether Labour should retain its 50p tax rate policy

Opinion Powering ahead The party must falter no more on devolution, argues Claire Reynolds

Commentary The Miliband-Milburn dream-team Promoting both economic and social mobility together is what Labour is for, says Jacqui Smith

FordeThought Bacon and Greggs The voters are not stupid, writes Matt Forde


‘We’ve lacked emotional connection’ The question for Labour is who is best placed to win in 2020, says Andy Burnham

‘White flashing constellations of the digital age’ Yvette Cooper claims the party must win back the businesswoman who said Labour ‘broke her heart’

‘We naffed off quite a lot of people’ Labour must not concede political ground on austerity and immigration, says Jeremy Corbyn

‘We can’t have any fudge in our politics’ It is time for Labour’s first woman prime minister, argues Liz Kendall

Not speeches, but solutions The London mayoral election will be no shoo-in for Labour, warns Tessa Jowell

Bernie-mentum Is Vermont’s socialist senator pulling Hillary Clinton to the left, asks Robert Philpot


More Human: Designing a World Where People Come First Steve Hilton’s book is perhaps more a challenge to Labour than to his own party, finds Mark Rusling

God and Mrs Thatcher: The Battle for Britain’s Soul Stephen Beer enjoys Eliza Filby’s reminder of the moral force of the political arguments that held sway in the 1980s

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Stuart Macnaughtan

is editorial and social media officer at Progress.

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