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July 2016


Editorial Labour must remain ‘Remain’ Rejoining the neighbourhood of nations with the consent of the British public will be the defining project of our generation

The Insider Another dispatch from inside the Westminster village

Opinion Working it out Brexit must mean no dilution of workers’ rights, warns Frances O’Grady

Opinion Rights to remain Labour has not yet stood up for workers, says John Mann

The Progressive Brexit means Brexit Britain cannot avoid living with its consequences

Europe Special

A vacuum to fill We must speak clearly about what kind of country we want to be, writes Pat McFadden

Adapt or die Adopting a centre-left anti-elitist stance is uncomfortable but necessary, argues Adam Lent

No mugs Labour must speak to its heartlands without bending to Ukip’s will, writes Jade Azim

Interview ‘It became a referendum on immigration’ The prime minister should have made a ‘Dover speech’, Will Straw tells Richard Angell and Adam Harrison

Interview ‘In the long run it’s the best decision’ The current Brexit hysteria will pass, Gisela Stuart assures Richard Angell and Adam Harrison

US Presidency

November shocker There are ways Donald Trump could win the White House, writes Robert Philpot


Taking Power Back: Putting People in Charge of Politics Are our politicians becoming like the music companies that tried to crush Napster? Alice Perry investigates a new treatise on power

Westminster Diary: A Reluctant Minister Under Tony Blair A new volume of diaries will test whether you are more Roundhead or Cavalier, finds Andrew Harrop

Governing for Britain

PROJ4611_Progress_Magazine_July_06.07.16_WEB_PIEditorial We need to take a lead Claire Kober introduces the Governing for Britain special pullout

Opinion Graft and guile Councillors must be heard inside Labour, writes Alison McGovern

Opinion Governing Britain Devolution needs to be at the heart of our party, argues Michael Payne

Interview ‘It’s enjoyable because it’s meaningful’ Being mayor is about bringing people together, Marvin Rees tells Richard Angell

Opinion Social justice through work Substantial devolution will help local Labour create jobs, says Nick Forbes

Letter from … Vaughan Gething shares lessons from governing Wales

The future of devolution A Labour government should take on the vested interests hindering devolution, writes Richard Leese

Commentary Heineken leaders Labour councillors reach the places others can’t, says James Lewis

Opinion Elephant in the room Local politics shows you cannot dodge real needs, argues Peter John

Opinion Head for business Local government is entering a new world, reports Sarah Hayward

Opinion Women to govern Margaret Hodge on why we need more women leaders

Opinion Beyond crisis Steve Bullock praises local Labour’s imagination and tenacity on housing

Opinion Not so distant Brexit will have a real impact on local government, warns Peter Lamb

Opinion Netflix town halls Are our towns and communities ready for the digital revolution, asks Kiran Ramchandani

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Adam Harrison

is a councillor in the London borough of Camden

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