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July 2017


Editorial A new establishment There are lessons for all sides from this general election

The Insider Another dispatch from inside the Westminster village

BrexitWatch Parliamentary damage limitation The general election has changed the nature of the Brexit debate in Westminster, says Heidi Alexander

The manifesto wot won it Anoosh Chakelian hit the general election campaign trail to find out what was behind the late Labour surge

No new bible Labour’s 2017 manifesto best bits will feature in Labour’s next winning manifesto, but suggesting changes cannot be seen as heretical, writes Richard Angell

Opinion A manifesto for the poorest? Why did Labour’s offer not do more for the people at the bottom, asks Polly Billington

The debate Strategic thinking Ellie Mae O’Hagan and Conor Pope discuss whether Labour should stick with an electoral strategy that surprised so many in June

The Progressive What would Jeremy do? Being in the minority does not mean you are wrong, but that your time may come again

Commentary Politics is not a game The Tories have lost their mandate for their assault on public services, a hard Brexit, and the divisive politics they pursue, writes Alison McGovern

Tanked Up Ben Dilks reports from Progress annual conference


The next mountain Labour needs to hold new seats and win disparate categories of voters to make further gains, write Andrew Harrop and Olivia Bailey

Back from the dead Labour’s modest gains in Scotland have set the party on course for future success, believes Duncan Hothersall

Inspired a generation Both Jeremy Corbyn’s personal style and policies spoke to young people and turned them out to vote, writes Georgia Gould

A catalogue of failures The Tories called it wrong on all the big necessities of a 21st century campaign, finds Siobhain McDonagh

Seriously Corbynism A proper consideration of the Labour leader’s programme must now happen, argues Philip Collins

New politics, new France With expectations that surpass those of  Tony Blair and Barack Obama, can Emmanuel Macron deliver the change so many believe in, asks Felicity Slater


Post-Truth: Why We Have Reached Peak Bullshit and What We Can Do About It Matthew Laza finds Evan Davis’ assessment of fake news compelling

How To Lose a Referendum: The Definitive Story Of   Why the UK Voted For Brexit Jason Farrell and Paul Goldsmith take a healthy long-lens view of the referendum, writes Roger Liddle

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