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July/August 2001


Comment Time to let go Now that is re-elected, the government needs to learn to trust the voters – as well as the Labour Pary itself

Interview Charles Clarke Charles Clarke MP talks about our first term and his new role as Labour Party Chairman

Election victory

So, did we hold our own? Robert Philpot examines the election results and asks whether 2001 really was a carbon copy of 1997

A victory for our ideas Labour’s election win signalled the demise of the old Thatcherite agenda and the triumph of a new Labour one, says Gordon Brown

The election no-one wanted Labour’s former communications director, David Hill, argues that the media, and the voters, saw the election as a foregone conclusion

Labour’s missed chance Labour’s campaign delivered a second term, but should it have done more, asks Polly Toynbee

Organising for victory The election campaign was a vital test of both Labour’s organisation and its ideas, says Douglas Alexander MP

Members must lead change NEC member Tony Robinson warns that the campaign revealed growing unrest amongst party members

The election after devolution Eric Joyce MP and Christ Bryant MP report on the election in Scotland and Wales

On the campaign trail Three Labour candidates – Parmjit Dhanda MP, Judith Begg and Kingsley Abrams – recall their election battles

Second term

What’s left to do? Progress examines Labour’s manifesto for clues to its second term

First steps of the second term Progress reports on the Queen’s Speech

Focus on the second term Young party members outline their hopes for Labour’s second term in the latest Progress focus group

First thoughts on the second term Views from across the Labour movement on our second term

Whose side are we on? Labour needs to decide just whose side it is on now it’s been re-elected, argues Bill Morris

We won the argument, now for the delivery How Labour meets three key challenges will determine the success of its second term, says David Miliband MP

Britain’s ahead of us Britain is not a ‘conservative country’ and progressives must challenge that view, argues Neal Lawson

Expect the unexpected A strong economy alone will not guarantee the success of Labour’s second term, says Professor Ben Pimlott

Your feedback Progress publishes our members’ second term hopes

International Bush on the ropes The Democrats are fighting back, helped by George Bush, writes Doug Hattaway

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Richard Angell

is director of Progress

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