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July/August 2005


Editorial Must do better Progress’ take on the general election

On the radar Great minds think alike Progress scans the political landscape

Making a stisis out of a drama The EU faces ‘strisis’, says Denis MacShane

Babylonicall confusion Oliver Pauley warns against the politics of nostalgia

With respect Robert Philpot finds a modern parallel for the government’s ‘war on disrespect’

Up the ratchet It’s time for Labour to get out the socialist rachet, says Will Higham

Pilgrim Porky lies Do small majorities make for good government? Pilgrim thinks not


Westminster watch Ghetto glamour

Tanked up Turnout trouble

Any questions Meg Munn MP

International End of the Schroeder

General election 2005

Give them what for Britain needs a greater sense of Labour’s purpose, believes Neil Kinnock

Back to the future Labour cannot let up on reform if it is to win a fourth term, warns Alan Milburn

The rules of disengagement The electoral coalition that gave Labour a third term could evaporate, warns Roger Mortimore

Super-size MP Mark Day explores the world of the ‘super marginals’

Keeping mum Labour owes a debt of gratitude to women voters, says Sue Tibballs

Analyse that Will Higham reports from Progress’ popular post-election debate


From blue rinse to washout? The Tories used to bounce back from defeat. Not any more, says Robert Philpot

Face the consequences Progress’ guide to the new Tory MPs elected by Lib Dem voters

Tips for the top Ben Leapman gives the Tories a few tips on how to start the long march back to power

The Shapps effect All politics was local for the Conservatives, Will Higham finds

Try ‘Yes’ on for size Lance Price offers some words of advice to the Tories as they debate their future

Race isn’t working Mark Day examines the way the Conservatives used immigration as an election issue

BNP off Mark Day discovers the truth behind the BNP’s ‘advance’

Three’s a crowd The Lib Dems could pose a major threat to Labour at the next election, warns Peter Hain

Setting Sun Does the press really influence its readers’ views, asks Will Higham

Poison pens Britain’s media is destructive, dogmatic and bad for democracy, warns Paul Richards

Third rail Introducing a series of pieces on the issues politicians dare not touch

Seeking acceptability The government needs to discover a new approach to asylum and immigration, argues Nick Pearce

Lag blag Labour should get tougher on the causes of crime, suggests Sunder Katwala

Size isn’t everything The Tories are asking the wrong questions about smaller government, says Ann Rossiter

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Richard Angell

is director of Progress

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