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July/August 2006


On the radar Talking shop Progress scans the political landscape

Editorial Lacking substance Labour needs a better strategy to counter David Cameron

Get-out clause Kitty Ussher is unimpressed by ‘compassionate conservatism’

Stop the rot The local elections underlined the flawed nature of our voting system, argues Robert Philpot

Out in the open Labour should embrace primary elections, says Gareth Thomas

Mandates and mandarins There’s an ‘accountability deficit’ in Whitehall, finds Guy Lodge

Know thy enemy Jason Buckley on the continuing case for tactical voting

The Hungarian connection Is Hungary’s prime minister central Europe’s answer to Tony Blair, asks András Nagy


Progress annual conference preview Tom Brooks Pollock looks ahead to Progress’ annual conference on 9 September

On the edge News on Progress’ Westminster fringe events this spring and summer


Cover story Past masters As Labour seeks to renew itself, Greg Rosen asks what can be learned from past progressive governments

Northern lights The Swedish social democrats could point the way ahead for Labour’s renewal, suggests Ed Miliband

‘It’s not personal, Mr Cameron’ It’s time the gloves came off against the new Tory leader, Hazel Blears tells Robert Philpot and Mark Day

A to Z The A-list is unlikely to deliver a more representative Tory party, finds Mark Day

Not so chi-chi Progress’ guide to the names on David Cameron’s A-list

Foreign land Does Labour risk reopening the rural-urban divide, asks Sue Stirling

The welly vote The notion of a rural-urban political divide is of little use, says Greg Cook

Reviews Sunder Katwala finds Chris Smith’s Suicide of the West frustrating, while Will Higham enjoys leafing through a collection of Steve Bell cartoons

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Richard Angell

is director of Progress

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