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June 2007


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Editorial All for one Gordon Brown has shown he has the talent to succeed as Labour leader

No set menu The power-sharing deal in Northern Ireland should not be treated as a blueprint for how to solve other conflicts, says Conor McGinn

Aspire to win Labour must continue to embrace the politics of aspiration, argues Jim Murphy

Keep it in proportion Coaltion negotiations resulting from PR elections are not to be feared, says Peter Facey

In the mix Nuclear power must be part of a sustainable energy policy, suggests Alistair Darling

Unhappy and under review Young people need support that treats them as individuals and not targets, says Sophie Livingstone


Wesminster watch Jail house rock Can Prime Minister Brown avoid a run in with his predecessor, asks Ben Leapman

Tanked up Soft sell Ed Thornton reports from wonk world

Progress diary Ten-year turnout Tom Brooks Pollock rounds up the latest events from Progress


Cover story Hope springs eternal Are May’s election results a ‘springboard’ to a fourth Labour term, asks Roger Mortimore

Together to win Labour united can win the next general election, says Gordon Brown

First 100 Days Left baggage Tony Blair leaves behind a legacy of foreign policy challenges and opportunities for his successor, suggests Mike Gapes

Bettering Beveridge Tackling modern forms of social exclusion demands a radical and personalised approach, argues Hilary Armstrong

A Royal descent After its third successive presidential election defeat, the French left has some serious thinking to do, says Denis MacShane


A rum tale Rachael Jolley enjoys a fast and furious ride through Donald Rumsfeld’s career

In America’s shadow Ed Thornton finds the reflections of former foreign secretaries make compelling reading

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Richard Angell

is director of Progress

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