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June 2008


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Editorial Not so solid Crewe Time to learn the lessons is running out

Major reminder? Anthony Wells traces the parallels between the latter days of the Major government and today

Progressive populism Joe Farrington-Douglas outlines an approach to youth crime that is both progressive and politically viable

Restraining order Ian Loader urges the government to adopt a more moderate penal policy

Over to you, Dave The pressure is on the Tories to turn their green rhetoric into concrete policies

Hope vetoed The Burmese military’s moves to block international aid are no surprise, says Brad Adams


Cover story Class act Labour doesn’t need ‘toff talk’ to make its case, Tessa Jowell tells Robert Philpot and Jessica Asato

Core issue Labour can’t win on working-class votes alone, say Ben Page and Roger Mortimore

Fighting their corner Labour must not patronise its working-class supporters, says Andy Burnham

Justifying prejudice Labour must not become the ‘nasty party’ on immigration, warns Fiona Mactaggart

Learning curve The Tories are learning the wrong lessons from Sweden’s ‘free schools’, warns Conor Ryan

Equal time We can convince the country of the case for quality, says Patrick Diamond

Prescription for the NHS As the health service turns 60, we ask a group of experts how it should change to meet the needs of the 21st century


Righting history Roger Liddle finds a history of the Labour right insightful on contemporary debates

Sovereign defence Brian Brivati takes issue with a new book on political trials

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is director of Progress

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