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June 2009


Editorial Out of the ashes Labour must use the crisis in politics to forge a new era of democratic renewal

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A bold idea A 21st century programme of national civic service would provide young people with social structure and benefit communities, says James Crabtree

Housing crisis What does MPs’ spending say about the cultures of the main parties, asks Rupa Huq

Trusting professionals Public services will only be improves by promoting professionalism, not issuing more targets, argues Neil Goulbourne

Creative recovery Martin Bright and Peter Barrett report on a new initiative placing creative industries at the heart of an economic recovery

Fast forward It is time for Britain to push ahead with high-speed rail plans, says Andrew Adonis

Messaging error No 10’s communications strategy needs to improve. Gavin Knight outlines how


Progress news Mark Harrison reports on the latest Progress events

Tanked up Another dispatch from planet wonk

The Insider All the latest from the Westminster village


Cover story Crossing the chasm The MPs’ expenses controversy has plunged politics into crisis, says Stephen Twigg – but it is also an opportunity for overdue radical reform

Power release Labour must channel public anger at politicians into a movement that shifts power from institutions to individuals, argue Richard Reeves and Philip Collins

Tory truths Labour must take on the Tories by setting out a clear policy agenda and aggressively exposing their divisions, says Charles Clarke

Not there yet The Tories still have a mountain to climb to achieve a workable Commons majority, says Steven Fielding

Conservative future? Andrew Pakes takes a look at the Tory candidates likely to be the ministers in a future Cameron government


Progressive journey Lewis Baston enjoys Peter Kellner’s engaging collection of writings charting the evolution of British democracy

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