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June 2015


Editorial Beware the chimera of ‘unity’ – The next Labour leader should see it as their duty to create the space to encourage real debate

The Insider Another dispatch from inside the Westminster village

Opinion The politics of delusion – Robert Philpot charts the deeply damaging delusions that have run wild in the Labour party for the past five years

Letter from … Labour simply did not persuade enough people that we would improve their lives, argues Sarah Jones

Opinion Unlocking the code – Labour needs to talk about aspiration without the jargon, writes Philip Collins

The Progressive The new cosmopolitan era – Labour must learn to speak the language of modernity

The debate Split the difference? – Andy Kerr and Gemma Doyle on whether Scottish Labour should split from the Labour party

Commentary Could Labour die? – Steve Reed argues that sharing power, and reforming the Labour party to do it, could breathe new life into our politics

Opinion The overspending question – Equity and efficiency are two sides of the same coin, suggests Stuart Hudson


Interview ‘The best antidote to anti-politics is grown-up politics’ Labour needs to be at the heart of a broad campaign to stay in Europe, Chuka Umunna tells Richard Angell and Adam Harrison

Cover story No Brexit Labour’s pro-Europeans must stick to their guns, writes Pat McFadden

Rock bottom? The Labour party needs to ask itself why it would be invented if it did not exist, writes Peter Kellner

Starter for 10 Stephen Bush investigates how Labour succeeded in the 10 gains it made from the Tories last month

Winning back Warrington Nick Bent outlines six tests Labour’s new leader must pass

Ask the would-be prime minister Labour’s leadership candidates respond to the big questions facing the party

Reach out Labour must avoid complacency about victory in next year’s London mayoral race, warns Claire Kober

Runners and riders Lewis Baston profiles those standing to be Labour’s candidate for mayor


Why Women Need Quotas – Kat Stark believes Vicky Pryce’s extended essay is a worthy place to pocket some persuasive economic arguments in favour of quotas

Be Your Own Politician: Why It’s Time for a New Kind of Politics – Paul Twivy is looking for 650 ‘doers’ and ‘change agents’ to be elected into a parallel ‘people’s parliament’, finds Reema Patel

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Stuart Macnaughtan

is editorial and social media officer at Progress.

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