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June 2016


Editorial Nothing leftwing about leaving A battle we cannot afford to lose

The Insider Another dispatch from inside the Westminster village

Opinion Taken for granted Why is Labour losing BAME voters to the Tories, asks David Lammy

Opinion – Out of the comfort zone Labour must look like the country it seeks to serve, argues Ayesha Hazarika

Opinion – The smallest minority Attacking Topshop helps no one, says Christabel Cooper

Opinion Face to face, side by side Parmjit Dhanda re ects on how to ingrain change against antisemitism

Letter from … Fiona Twycross reports on mixed Norwegian attitudes to the European Union – and to Brexit

Opinion Vote Leave’s snake oil Brexiteers’ Commonwealth immigration claims are disingenuous, says Rishi Shori

Opinion Saving the ‘lost generation’ Clive Soley considers James Callaghan’s warning from history

The Progressive Wake up, sheeple! The era of post-truth politics is now in full swing

The debate  A taxing question Was Scottish Labour right to promise to raise income tax? Jackie Baillie and Tom Harris consider the arguments

Opinion How to win a marginal seat Local strategy matters but you cannot escape the national issues, warns Wes Streeting

Commentary – Beware Micawberish cosmopolitanism Sadiq Khan’s victory reminds us that demographics are only partly destiny, says Sunder Katwala

Tanked up Adam Harrison with all the latest from the wonk world


Interview ‘That’s nasty, ugly politics’ Alan Johnson is taking no prisoners in Labour’s campaign to remain in the European Union, find Adam Harrison and Jerome Neil

Shaping the world From within the European Union we can influence events, not simply surrender to them, writes Lisa Nandy

Economy first If we vote for Brexit, many companies will leave Wales, says Carwyn Jones

Back to the 1950s The facts are clear: women would lose out if we quit the European Union, warns Harriet Harman

The European safety net European Union law ensures a fair deal for all, says Catherine Stihler

How to win the peace If ‘Remain’ succeeds this month, the winners must define the victory. John McTernan and Miranda Green each give their take on how

Governing for Britain Local Labour must lead the way, says Alison McGovern, as she reflects on meeting six Labour local government leaders


The Myth of Meritocracy: Why Working Class Kids Still Get Working Class Jobs Michael Young would have forgiven James Bloodworth’s appropriation of the term ‘meritocracy, writes Rushanara Ali

Social Policy in a Cold Climate: Policies and Their Consequences Since the Crisis Objective analysis of the 2007-15 governments is worth its weight in gold, finds Carys Roberts

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