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June/July 2003


Comment Good to talk Iraq proves both the government and its left critics need to learn the art of debate


Tanked up So long, and tanks

Profile Interview with Progress’ new vice chair

Shadowing the opposition


Westminster watch The cuckoo has landed The BNP made gains in May’s local elections because the mainstream parties weren’t there on the ground, explains Ben Leapman

Ask the Minister Asylum speaker Progress asks Home Office minister Beverley Hughes about immigration


Citizen can David Miliband outlines seven points for public service reform

Poll imposition Unions should no longer need to ballot their members on political funds, says Adrian Askew

Means test Pragmatism in government isn’t a sin, argues James Purnell

Hostile relations Paul Gross defends Zionism

Road wage Julie Foley puts the case for nationwide congestion charging

The central line Is ‘localism’ really such a good idea, asks David Walker

Let’s get fiscal Tax credits are recasting the welfare state, says Roger Wicks



Power to the people Patricia Hewitt calls for Labour to renew itself

The ties that bind Douglas Alexander explains how we re-engage anti-war protestors

Mission to explain Labour party members felt excluded from the Iraq debate, says Tony Robinson

Spoils of war Tony Blair must rebuild the trust of progressives. Jackie Ashley explains why

Were we wrong? Were those against the war mistaken, asks John Denham

State of denial How should we respond to the rise of the BNP? Shahid Malik reports

Electoral shocks Willie Sullivan on the Scottish election results

Nats entertainment Huw Lewis reports on good news from the Welsh poll

Pick up the pieces Progress asks some of Labour’s finest how we heal the party’s rifts


Road to reform What are the limits for markets? Gordon Brown offers his view

Doctrines and nurses Don’t fear markets in public services, says Julian Le Grand

People power Mutualism can break through the public service reform debate, argues Peter Hunt

Hate Mail Ministers should stop courting the Daily Mail, says Johann Hari


Peak practice Art angel Mick Henry explains Gateshead’s cultural renaissance

Inside Labour Local heroes Dan Corry and Anna Randle examine how we pick our council leaders

Required leading Councillor Stella Creasy responds

International Restarting the powerhouse Patrick Diamond reports on the German SPD’s reform plans

Pilgrim Of mice and men Some came out well from the Iraq war. Others didn’t.

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Richard Angell

is director of Progress

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