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June/July 2004


On the radar With friends like these…

Tanked up Pitch attempt

Westminster watch Hello to all that

Jack the whipper Jack Cunningham speaks to Mark Day and Jennifer Gerber

Ask the Minister David Lammy, parliamentary under-secretary at the Department for Constitutional Affairs, talks to Progress


Get in the swing The European referendum is winnable, argues Robert Worcester

Freedom from fear Ann Clwyd believes Iraq can achieve the democracy it deserves

One for all Anti-discrimination laws need overhauling, says Angela Eagle

Use your initiative Businesses and communities should work together for neighbourhood renewal, argues Barbara Roche

A hand up Supporting children in the short term equals long-term success, according to Claire McCarthy

An independent mind Bernard Crick pays tribute to Ben Pimlott, a patron of Progress

Comment Taking the myth What’s the purpose of a progressive economy, asks Progress

Women and politics

End of the affair Is Labour losing ground amongst women voters – and how do we win them back? Katherine Rake reports

What we all want Men gain when politicians reach out to women voters, argues Barbara Follett

It’s all in the representation More women in parliament will help re-engage women with politics, says Laura Turquet

Progressive Deficit

Sterling work Economic adviser to the Treasury Ed Balls talks to Will Higham and Sam Hardy

Economic growth Hetan Shah considers what the well-being economy would look like

Productivity Kitty Ussher explains the concept at the centre of British economic policy

Unions Are unions good for productivity, asks David Coats

Europe The UK should see enlargement as an opportunity to revive the Lisbon process, says Alasdair Murray

EU enlargement Michael Lake outlines the case for Turkey’s entry into the EU

Common Agricultural Policy Joyce Quin suggests how to win the battle to reform the CAP

Asylum Keith Best calls for a common European asylum policy


At your service There’s no need to fear choice in public services, say Natalie Arend and Adam Lent

Done down but not undone How does local government fit into devolving power to communities, asks Jeremy Beecham

Canvassing complexity Why has Labour’s support amongst Muslims slumped? Will Higham investigates

Ten years at the top Peter Mandelson and Tom Sawyer assess Tony Blair’s ten years as leader of the Labour party

Progressive centre-ground Labour politics does not come for free.

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Richard Angell

is director of Progress

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