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March 2007


ProgressOnline What’s being said on the Progress website and blog

Editorial No time to tinker House of Lords reform demands a radical and bold approach

Wheels of misfortune Has Labour lost the argument for road pricing, asks Stephen Joseph

Clutching at Straws Politicians can’t be trusted with constitutional reform, says Pam Giddy

Shrink to fit Our mental health services need a rethink, argues David Richards

Village people Has Party Animals captured life in Westminster, asks William Higham

Teach the world Education is key to tackling global inequalities, says Gordon Brown


Westminster watch Mind the gap Have the rich got richer, asks Ben Leapman

Tanked up Democracy rules Mark Day reports from wonk world

Progress Diary Tom Brooks Pollock on up-and-coming events from Progress


Cover story Blues try thinking Do the Democrats have the ideas needed to win in 2008, asks James Crabtree

Telling it straight Hilary Benn sets out his stall for Labour’s deputy leadership to Mark Day and Jennifer Gerber

First 100 Days Off target A bold and radical new approach is needed to tackle Britain’s still shameful levels of child poverty, says Kate Green

Get equal Your ideas for achieving social justice

Condition critical Despite massive investment in our public services, voters are losing faith in Labour’s ability to deliver, warns Richard Brooks

Deputy blog The Labour ‘blogosphere’ could play a vital role in the deputy leadership contest, says Mike Ion

Cyber-race The deputy leadership candidates and blogs


Hot off the press Rachel Cashman is inspired by trade unionist, Brenda Dean

Nothing like a Dane David Coats on middle-class angst

War of words Sunder Katwala takes issue with Nick Cohen

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Richard Angell

is director of Progress

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