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March 2008


ProgressOnline Showcasing our new website columnists for 2008

Editorial Going south? Victory at the next general election depends on Labour reviving its fortunes in southern England

Force for change Peter Mandelson on why, in an age of global challenges, the EU is more vital than ever

Fight to the finish The London mayoral contest will be a close call, says Anthony Wells

A real commitment Caroline Flint makes no apologies for her remarks on social housing and worklessness

Wrong treatment All-black shortlists are practically difficult and morally wrong, argues Khalid Mahmood

Glass half full The government must support the efforts of local authorities to crack down on street drinking and under-age sales, says Alan Laing


Westminster watch Expense accounts MPs will be deterred from making dubious expenses claims by the spotlight of public scrutiny, says Ben Leapman

Tanked up Power games Ed Thornton reports from wonk world

Progress diary Creating a buzz Mark Harrison lines up the latest Progress events


Cover story Cold comfort Giles Radice, author of the original ‘southern discomfort’ thesis, finds the phenomenon returning in a new and more complex form

Cover story Southern blues Labour can only win the next election if it holds on to voters in the south, says Gareth Butler

Minister for funds James Purnell talks to Robert Philpot and Jessica Asato about his plans for welfare reform

Meandering maverick The Democrats can beat John McCain by exposing his weaknesses while not ignoring his strengths, says James Crabtree

Reclaiming the territory Progressive internationalists must show they are best-placed to promote democracy and tackle terrorism, says Brian Brivati


Defining era Philip Collins finds the central questions of the Blair years left unresolved in a new volume of essays

A deadly struggle Rachel Briggs reviews Benazir Bhutto’s last book

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