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March 2009


Editorial Stormy weather Alongside tackling the economic crisis, Labour must not forget to set out its vision for a fourth term

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Quick fixes Whatever its long-term future, the House of Lords needs some immediate reforms, argues Tony Wright

Spend to save Rachel Reeves outlines how next month’s budget can put Britain on the road to economic recovery

President’s passion Obama’s measures to reform the US education system have a familiar ring to them, says Matt Rodda

Brown’s challenge Julia Clark dissects the latest opinion polls

Lost tiger Ireland’s government is employing a Conservative approach to tackling the economic crisis – with disastrous results, notes Conor Ryan

Cameron’s court Tory flirtation with progressive thinking has more to do with regaining power than ideological conviction, says Sunder Katwala


Progress news A preview of Progress’s latest pamphlet on fiscal policy

Tanked up All the latest from the nation’s thinktanks

The Insider Another dispatch from the Westminster village


Cover story Open for business Labour must fight the rising tide of protectionism and show how Europe benefits British workers, says Caroline Flint

Striking distance On the 25th anniversary of the miners’ strike, David Coats considers its legacy for the trade union movement

Reclaiming the capital To win back London, it is Labour – not the voters – that must change. Tessa Jowell outlines how

Wise counsel? The Tories’ latest local government proposals should spur Labour on to think more radically about localism, says James Hulme

Access all areas Government action is urgently needed to make Britain more socially mobile, says Alan Milburn


Campaigning in prose Lance Price, Alastair Campbell’s former Downing Street deputy, reviews his former boss’s novel

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