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March 2010


Editorial The return of ideology Labour’s ideas need an intellectual underpinning that give them coherence and a sense of direction

Inbox What’s being said on the Progress website

Helping hand Caroline Flint proposes a tax break that would really help married couples

Poverty of ambition Tory pledges to protect the aid budget are not as reassuring as they seem, argues Stephen Cockburn

Healthy steps Effective food policy requires strong government leadership working with active communities, says Richard Watts

Keeping time Even a small reduction in the abortion time limit would harm the most vulnerable women, says Simon Blake

Government 2.0 As social media revolutionises the relationship between government and the public, it must be made as inclusive as possible, argues Jim Knight

Clueless Conservatism Robbie Erbmann finds little to commend the latest Tory plans for co-ops


Tanked up Ed Thornton reports from wonk world

Progress news Mark Harrison reports on Progress’ new year programme

The Insider Another dispatch from the Westminster village


Cover story Unequal to the task Tory plans to tackle inequality are deeply flawed and would put those on lowerst incomes at risk, says Kate Green

More than talk Sunder Katwala explains how Labour can boldly place equality and fairness at the heart of its election manifesto

Pensioner power The votes of older people will be crucial in deciding the outcome of the election. Michelle Mitchell examines their concerns

Bank rebalance The balance of power between government and banks must be restored. James Plaskitt outlines how

Progress pledge card Following the Progress Manifesto Day conference, six policy ideas were chosen to make up our own general election manifesto


Fourth term thinking Paul Richards finds much for Labour to take on board in James Purnell’s latest Demos pamphlet

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Richard Angell

is director of Progress

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