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March 2011


Editorial Something new, something blue New Labour can learn much from engaging with Jon Cruddas’ ‘blue Labour’ agenda as it seeks to define its alternative to the Tories’ ‘big society’

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Opinion Going for growth George Osborne’s budget this month should include new ideas on how to achieve growth and thereby close the deficit, writes Will Straw

Opinion Not if, but when Labour’s policy review needs to reaffirm its commitment to high-speed rail, ensuring a green alternative to more roads and flights, says Andrew Adonis

The Big Idea Why we need regional banks 2008 revealed two very difficult truths for those of us who place private sector growth at the heart of our political economy, argues Maurice Glasman

Opinion Closed shop Labour selections are long due an overhaul, but are new proposals a step backwards? Richard Angell investigates

Opinion Progressive internationalism – David Cairns says the values shared by the UK and Israeli labour movements form the bedrock of the progressive case for Israel

The Progressive Muscular progressivism The reaction of Labour’s frontbench to David Cameron’s speech on Islamism was disappointing. The party needs a new approach

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Opinion Labour’s lost decades Can Labour learn from its previous periods of opposition? Denis MacShane believes so

Opinion Making a move – As the Movement for Change gets off the ground, Blair McDougall explains how it can strengthen Labour’s own campaigns

Commentary Balls to the rescue? Labour’s reputation for economic competence remains firmly in thedoldrums, says Robert Philpot. Can Ed Balls turn this tanker around?

The Insider Another dispatch from inside the Westminster village

Tanked up Jessica Asato with the latest from the wonk world

Dates for your diary Forthcoming Progress events and campaigning for Labour in key seats


Cover story ‘I’m firmly New Labour’ Labour’s new shadow chancellor tells Kathryn Perera and Robert Philpot why he’s the man to restore the party’s economic credibility

Making it big Progressives should engage with the ‘big society’, putting universality and equity at the heart of our alternative, argues George Howarth

Mutual suspicion Labour must not repeat the past mistake of letting the Tories introduce perverse versions of its own policies, writes Michael Stephenson

Adapt to survive Cuts and localism are the two big realities facing Labour councillors. They can seize the day by opposing the first but embracing the second, says Patrick Diamond

The real ‘new politics’ Working with the opposition on Liverpool council has paid dividends in tough financial times, reports Paul Brant

Vote for a change Ben Bradshaw explains why the man with most to gain from a No vote to AV is David Cameron. Plus what you can do to help the Yes campaign and some myths debunked

Essay Revision notes The past can serve as a guide for our future, but Labour’s latest bout of revisionism must engage with society as it evolves, writes Gregg McClymont


Big Brother Watch Beneath the sound of axe-grinding, Jacqui Smith detects a clutch of thoughtful voices speaking on civil liberties

The Political Marketing Game Benedict Pringle absorbs the lessons of this modern-day discipline, as applicable to the local council seat as national government

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Richard Angell

is director of Progress

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