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March 2015


A plan for re-election Labour must set its vision for the end of this coming parliament

The Insider Another dispatch from inside the Westminster village

Shape your future Labour is re-engaging young people, says Ivan Lewis

Opinion Forget me not Practical policies are needed to assist apprentices, argues Joe Vinson

Seventy years on The battle with antisemitism continues, writes Karen Pollock

Opinion Asset to society Kitty Ussher explores what the ONS can tell us about assets

Letter from … Sam Dastyari on the one-term nature of Australian government

The Progressive
Labour dozen work Labour’s first primary must welcome in the capital’s million-strong Labour voters

Interview ‘It’s restored my faith in politics’ Gordon Aikman wants nothing to be left unsaid

Inbox – What’s being said about Progress’ latest pamphlet ‘Let it go’ by Liz Kendall and Steve Reed

Date for your diary News of Progress’ final event before the general election

Tanked up Adam Harrison with the latest from the wonk world

Commentary A living London Labour has a chance to transform the capital, argue Gareth Thomas and Jake Sumner

Be yourself, Ed Matt Forde on how we’ve all got more in common with Ed Miliband than we think


Interview‘The country will be run according to a different idea’ There will be no pie-in-the-sky promises under the next Labour government, Ed Miliband tells Richard Angell and Adam Harrison

Cover story2020 vision Labour needs to plan now for the Britain of 2020, writes Parmjit Dhanda. Responses by Naushabah Khan and Ben Shimshon

Beyond the rhetoric We need to stop the care crunch before it bites, says Karin Smyth. Responses by Sarah Hayward and Alison McGovern MP

The politics of work By 2020 the fruits of growth must be more fairly shared at work, argues David Coats. Responses by Victoria Groulef and Roy Rickhuss

Uber-connected The tech revolution has barely begun – and politics is already behind, says Anthony Painter. Responses by Neal Lawson and Catherine Stihler MEP

Gang of one Will Nigel Farage meet the fate of the SDP, asks Robert Philpot


Wasted: How Misunderstanding Young Britain Threatens Our Future Like Georgia Gould, Janet Royall does not understand why young people are not more angry

Why Vote Green: The Essential GuideFelicity Slater finds Shahrar Ali’s politics are all a bit of a joke

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Adam Harrison

is a councillor in the London borough of Camden

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