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March 2017


Editorial Another wake-up call The Copeland byelection was a rejection of Jeremy Corbyn’s politics

The Insider Another dispatch from inside the Westminster village

Opinion Metropolitan elite It has been a long journey for women to reach the top of the police service, writes Jacqui Smith

Opinion System failure Rates of suicide and self-harm in our prisons shame us all, says Luciana Berger

BrexitWatch No objections The human rights of British citizens post-Brexit are on a shaky footing, argue Cherie Blair and Claire Kerschensteiner

Opinion Walk the talk The promised revolution in mental health services never came, but is needed more than ever, believes Miriam Mirwitch

Letter from … Bart van Bruggen warns that the Dutch Labour party is in need of a narrative

The Progressive Our Rorschach test Emmanuel Macron stands the best chance of beating Marine Le Pen but offers no hope for Labour’s modernisers

Opinion Believing in leaders The ‘McDonnell amendment’ is the ultimate rejection of Clause One socialism, writes Conor Pope

Opinion A federal future Kevin Peel says that keeping the UK intact could unite the party and the country

The debate Eight long years Will Donald Trump win again in 2020? Maeve McCormack and Matthew Doyle assess the president’s chances

Opinion No silver lining The Copeland and Stoke byelection results were historically bad for Labour, finds Lewis Baston

Commentary Refounding New Labour Ten years have been wasted but New Labour’s instincts and approach remain relevant, writes John Woodcock

Tanked Up Ben Dilks with the latest from the wonk world


Cover story ‘Yes we did, yes we can’ Women are doing it for each other. Harriet Harman and Jess Phillips tell Richard Angell and Conor Pope about bringing through a next generation of women

A woman’s place? Thirty-eight years on, things have changed for the better – but not enough, argues Barbara Follett

Simply sloganeering Matt Kelly dissects the government’s underwhelming Brexit white paper

Are we ready? The Labour leadership says that the party is on a general election footing. Joan Ryan examines the claim

The next Gower? Ed Miliband suffered unlikely losses to the Tories in 2015, but could there be more to come under Jeremy Corbyn, asks Chris Terry

Claiming Corbyn’s crown Paul Richards investigates who will be Jeremy Corbyn’s successor as the hard-left’s anointed leadership candidate


Everywoman: One Woman’s Truth About Speaking the Truth Bex Bailey finds encouragement from Jess Phillips’ feminist volume

Theresa May: The Enigmatic Prime Minister Rosa Prince’s uncritical biography does little to uncover the real prime minister, finds Christabel Cooper

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