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March/April 2002


Comment Opportunism knocks The Lib Dems are putting politics before principle



Cover features

Getting to know the general secretary David Triesman tells Robert Philpot about his first six months as general secretary

A fairer, more prosperous Britain Charles Clarke on what we have achieved and what’s still to be done

So, have things got better? We ask people from across the Labour movement whether Britain is better

Five years on, where next? MPs David Miliband and Peter Kilfoyle look at the record of the past five years and where we go next

Inside Labour

Europe’s march left? Frederic Michel and Matthew Browne examine the prospects for the left in elections across Europe this year

Recruit and renew When times get tough, Labour needs to recruit new members, argues Margaret Prosser

Reclaim the party Ken Bone believes party members feel increasingly impotent

Opening doors Local parties need to engage with their communities, says Sarah Ward

Fairness not favours All-women short lists are a necessary evil, believes Barbara Follett

A woman’s place Jo Tanner explains her support for positive discrimination

Policy forum

Dividing lines We must widen access to new technology, says Douglas Alexander

Getting them young James Purnell says a reformed House of Lords should contain young people

A hunt for Labour’s credibility There is no ‘middle way’ on hunting, believes Gary Hills

No short cuts It’s time to deliver now for lone parent families, argues Kate Green

If I were…Secretary of State for Health Anna Coote presents her health priorities

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Richard Angell

is director of Progress

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