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March/April 2003


Comment Brother in arms Tony Blair is persuasive about military action. President Bush is not


Westminster watch

Profile James Corbett talks to the new boss of the TUC


Socialist values, local solutions Socialism and liberty need to guide the new localism agenda, argues Peter Hain

Higher purpose Higher education reforms will increase access, says Margaret Hodge

Indecent proposals Sally Hunt is not convinced the government’s got it right yet

Clause flaw Kali Mountford on why we should get rid of section 28

League of their own Should we have league tables of MPs, asks Theo Bertram

Get connected Local government has a role in public service delivery, says Jeremy Beecham

Keep it simple That’s the way to recruit new members, say Nikki O’Reilly and Chris Fabby


Damned if we don’t Tony Blair puts his case

Game over Geoff Hoon answers Progress’ questions

Parallel times The war in Kosovo should inform the Iraq debate, says Eric Joyce

A just cause Ann Clwyd argues for regime change

Don’t believe the hype Mark Leonard and Conrad Smewing on winning Middle East minds


Building a better future Jack McConnell and Rhodri Morgan look back on Labour’s first term in Scotland and Wales

Power to the people What has devolution achieved, asks Beth Egan

The old pretender Kenneth Clarke is not all he seems, says Patrick Loughran

The fate we’re in What challenges will Labour face in 2020? Liam Byrne finds out


International Labor pains David Mencer on how the Israeli Labor party can recover

Inside Labour Stand and deliver Peter Watt, Meg Munn and Parmjit Dhanda on how to get selected

Pilgrim Take some advice We need more special advisers, not fewer

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Richard Angell

is director of Progress

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